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Technology is changing the way everyone does business. The question is:
We at Natural Interactive specialize in providing technology solutions to critical challenges for your business. We work with you hand-in-hand to determine the requirements for accomplishing your business goals, and design and implement technology solutions to accomplish those goals.
CIVICTechnologies collaborated with Natural Interactive to create a web-based business application offering targeted at the public library market.

Natural Interactive worked to help the client prioritize their business goals and execute a number of initiatives that resulted in a successful launch of version 1.0 of their new product, a launch of a new corporate website, and the creation of a product simulation that allowed CivicTechnologies to market to potential clients while their product was still in development.

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Natural Interactive is building an e-commerce company leveraging almost ten years of e-commerce experience to take advantage of the trillion dollar migration of consumer spending from traditional retail to e-commerce by the year 2010.

We are currently interviewing business partners with the mindset of building a large income stream by redirecting consumer spending online.

Must be willing to learn and be motivated.

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